"Your unit has saved my life... I was on three drugs for my sinus problems, would get multiple sinus infections each winter and miss weeks of work. I have not been sick or had a sinus infection since I started using the Hydro Pulse last November."
– Jim Thomas
"It seemed expensive, and frankly I didn't expect much given my history, but I figured anything was worth a try. This is like a miracle! I can breathe, I'm not experiencing ANY coughing at all, and I'm alert and productive at work. I even spent some time enjoying a nice spring day outdoors yesterday, and the pollen count here was over 2000! I'm not taking ANY medication of any kind! Had I known what the results would be like, I would gladly have paid five times the price for the machine!
– Reece Ritter
"I have had year-round allergies to something - pollens mostly - for twenty years. And then I decided to give your contraption a fair trial. I have been amazed and delighted by the results. My allergy symptoms have as good as disappeared. I no longer blow my nose every few minutes, I no longer have itchy eyes or palate, I sleep well at night because I can breathe through my nose right from the moment I lie down, and most surprisingly to me, I no longer wheeze when I exercise. I am so glad that I no longer have to take anti-
histamines and carry tissues with me wherever I go. And I can taste and smell again. I really missed the smell of my kids, the smell after rain and the taste of good food and wine."
–Sarah N. Boyd

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